Zahara Mkutukane: I nearly gave away my music career

- Article by LIMAKATSO KHALIANYANE(December 13,2017)

Zahara Mkutukane

Zahara, real name Bulelwa Mkutukana, said she called her mother crying in 2014 informing her that she would be returning home to take care of her crops and livestock.

Multi-award-winning singer Zahara said she nearly threw in the towel and went back home to the Eastern Cape to look after cows and goats.

This after a series of stories in the media showing the Loliwe hitmaker in a negative light.

She told Sunday World that at the time, she could not handle the media attention brought by the runaway success of her debut album Loliwe. She said she was even scared of going to the shops because she feared people would give her mocking looks.

"I have chickens, cows and goats at home in East London. I even thought I could go back to busking on the streets. I could not take it anymore," she said.

"I don't know why the media was giving me so much attention. I don't know what they wanted from me because I did not do anything [wrong] to anyone," she said.

- Article by LIMAKATSO KHALIANYANE(December 13,2017)